2015-present      Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: Assistant Professor of Music Theory.


2007-12              Eastman School of Music: Graduate Theory Teaching Assistant.



2015                   Ph.D. Music Theory 

                           University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music

         Dissertation: “Music and Theology in a Postmodern Culture: Conceptual Integration in                           Compositions by Glass, Golijov, and Reich” (Elizabeth West Marvin, Advisor)


2010                   M.A. Music Theory Pedagogy

                           University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music

         Capstone Project: “Functional Keyboard Skills: The Importance of Playing Basic Harmonic                     Progressions” (William Marvin, Advisor)

2007                   M.M. in Piano Accompanying and Chamber

                           University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music

         Music Primary Instructor, Jean Barr

2005                   B.A. Music (Piano and Composition)

                           Clearwater Christian College


2019                   "From Luther to Tomlin: A Corpus Analysis of Harmony and Melody in Congregational Songs of                               the American Evangelical Church." Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global

                           Perspectives Conference, Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford, United Kingdom (July).

2018                   "Fostering Participation in Congregational Singing: It takes more than four chords and a good

                           voice." Shepherds 360 Conference, Cary, NC (October).

2018                   "From Luther to Tomlin: A Corpus Analysis of Harmony and Melody in Congregational Songs of                               the American Evangelical Church." Society for Christian Scholarship in Music, Southeastern                                     Seminary, Wake Forest, NC (February).

2017                   "We Want to Sing, but... Why Today's Congregational Music is in Serious Need of a                                                   Reformation." Shepherds 360 Conference, Cary, NC (October).

2014                   “No Time Like the Present: Postmodern Religious Influence and Temporality in Philip Glass’s

         Symphony No. 5." Society for Christian Scholarship in Music, Trinity College, Palos Heights, IL               (February).

2013                   “Postmodernism in Music and Theology: Analyzing Closure in Steve Reich’s The Cave as Case                               Study.” Society for Christian Scholarship in Music, Yale Institute of Sacred, New Haven, CT                                       (February). 

2011                   “Blending Serialism with Just Intonation: Ben Johnston’s String Quartet No. 3.” Society for                                         Music Theory Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN (October).



2015-present      Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX 

  • Theory & Musicianship I & II

  • Improvisation in Worship

  • Post-Tonal Theory

  • Graduate Harmony Review

  • Seminar in Analysis II: Music after 1900

  • Seminar in Advanced Tonal Analysis: Sonata Theory

  • Seminar in Advanced Tonal Analysis: Schenkerian Analysis

  • Seminar in Advanced Post-Tonal Analysis: Minimalism

  • Seminar in Music Theory Pedagogy


2007-11              Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY

  • Model Composition/Tonal Analysis I & II (intensive sections)

  • Model Composition/Tonal Analysis III & IV

  • Aural Musicianship I & II

  • Aural Musicianship III & IV

  • Model Composition and Post-Tonal Analysis



2015-present      Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

  • Various Faculty Recitals

  • Pianist for Weekly Chapel Services


2006-present      Churches in North America

          Sacred Concert Pianist

  • Presented over 100 sacred piano concerts to churches throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Organized and performed concerts that integrated hymn texts with appropriate Scripture verses using a PowerPoint presentation. 


2005-07              Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY

  • Instrumental Accompanying Degree Recital

  • Vocal Accompanying Degree Recital

  • Various Vocal and Instrumental Accompanying Recitals




2017-present      Birchman Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

          Instrumental Director

  • Conduct weekly orchestra rehearsals and Sunday morning services.


2012-15              Open Door Baptist Church, Churchville, NY

          Music Administrator

  • Organized and directed over 100 musicians in the church choir, orchestra, and praise teams.

  • Led music for Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening services.

  • Provided oversight of music selections for services and special events.

  • Oversaw visual presentation of hymn lyrics on projector screens.


2006-12              Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY

          Accompanying Services Coordinator

  • Coordinated accompanying services for over 30 graduate assistant accompanists.

  • Maintained a FileMaker database, tracking accompanying services provided by graduate assistant accompanists.


NATHAN BURGGRAFF // Curriculum Vitae